Being one of the three branches of the US Government, and arguably the most complex and fraught with peril, it is high time that the other 2 branches of the US Government institute a full scale investigation into the corrupting money power banking influence by and through subsidiary corporations and connected individuals to the individual and supervising members of the Judicial Branch.

Having practice law for over 15 years in my own private law practice, within the local, state, and federal courts as both a lawyer as well as a litigant, I can honestly state unequivocally that if a corrupted and dishonest judge wants to rule in a certain way, and for a favored litigant or lawyer, then he can, and will be able to do so, with little to no fanfare, review, or cognizable oversight.

This is because the law in the United States has been made overly complex, we as Americans are over-regulated as to be living within a spider-web like thicket, and it is even worse for lawyers who must navigate through this impossibly over-legislated thicket, rife with hidden dangers and land-mines, designed specifically to exclude or entrap the unwary, but more importantly, the “unconnected.”

Everyone knows that outright bribery of a judge is illegal, that is, the idea that you would present an envelope of cash to a judge in exchange for him or her to rule in a certain way.

If a judge is caught in this situation, it is very easy to bring charges, arrest, prosecute, and incarcerate that judge.

But what if the bribery is more clandestine – wherein a judge, who has friends/family/business partners/cronies who stand to benefit from his bench rulings, and wherein he also would stand to benefit by either coming from, or joining a mega-law firm, whose clients include those corporations or well-connected individuals who appear before him while on the bench, and whom he knows he must repay with his un-American, contrived, and arbitrary decisions in his capacity as a Judge?

The US Courts of Law are very rarely about “justice” anymore – in fact the vast majority of the substantive legal issues presented to the court are very rarely delved into, with the vast majority of cases being dispatched at the pre-motion stage, through contrived motions to dismiss for lack of jurisdiction or other technical issues.

And these preliminary stages, as with the regular full scale trial, are also up for grabs to the most powerful, financially well-off, or connected lawyer or litigant.

And it is virtually impossible to find bias or fault with the Judge ruling in the favored litigant or lawyers’ interests because their decisions are cloaked behind the mind-numbingly convoluted and arbitrary “legal reasons” or “outcome determinative technical jargon” case law, statutory authority, and precedent that even experienced lawyers can not disentangle themselves from, let alone predominantly non-lawyer members of the other 2 branches of government within the executive and legislative branches.

These latter 2 branches of US Government are by no means free from the same corrupting influences that plague the judicial branch, but judges have an innate advantage over the other 2 because “as the US is a nation of the rule of law,” prejudiced or biased judges can very easily cover their tracks by burying their outcome-determinative legal decisions, rulings and orders behind the rubric of the law, thus making their decisions and actions nearly “bullet proof” from investigation, second-guessing, or attack over their intentions and loyalties to their favored litigants/lawyers.

The problem is that the judicial system is now completely and totally broken and corrupted, and it is wreaking havoc with the local, state, and federal victims of those people unfortunate enough to be in front of them.

Heroic judges who take risks for the public interest, are quickly routed and hounded out of office by their Judicial Supervising Judges who nearly always have some vested financial or other corrupting influence with a banking, corporate, or personal entity.

Public confidence in the law, and the US courts and judges that administer them, are at an all-time low, not just here in the United States, but all around the world.

And if a disfavored/targeted lawyer or litigant is courageous enough to use the Appellate System of Justice, so integral to American jurisprudence handed down to us from Roman and English Common Law, even when he is completely correct and right on the law or facts, in order to escape lower court corruption and judicial misconduct, and he or she appeals to a higher court, he or she is immediately thrown out of court under the Younger v Harris case or some other contrived legal precedent, to prevent him from seeking justice or legal redress for the outright violations of his civil liberties, human rights, or Constitutional guarantees.

Even worse, after collecting a series of appellate court “smackdowns” for not being politically or financially “connected” to the power structure of the corrupting forces in the United States, he or she is immediately branded as a “serial frivolous litigant” and none of his or her pleadings or complaints will even be entertained, even on a superficial level in the future.

And if the entire world does not trust the US Courts and its Judges, while the US remains the richest and most powerful country in the world, then America is heading for a catastrophic fall, because all of the nations of the world will withdraw from its sphere of influence. See “Justice Is Blind and also deaf, dumb and stupid in the Southern District of Manhattan” by ex-CIA and Military Intelligence Officer Phil Giraldi at

This is already happening, with major world powers teaming up and consolidating with each other to oppose this uniformity of corruption and masked-tyranny emanating from a small plutocracy spearheaded by the Banking Dynasty and all of its subsidiary corporations and well-connected litigants/lawyers.

For example, the BRICS Bank was formed to counteract this bullying influence on the world stage to rival the power of American currency in the form of the IMF and World Bank.

And this is not even to mention the violent opposition to American hegemony in the form of global terrorism, threats of war, and clandestine methodology, all designed to fight back against the now extremely transparent nature of the tyranny disguised as the Rule of Law being administered in the local, state, and federal courts of the United States of America.

Please investigate and advise.


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