The ancient Chinese martial art of T’ai Chi Ch’uan has a basic tenet – distinguishing the “fashioned self” from the “real self;” – ie, the practice works on attempting to de-link what we as humans have learned to project outwards to be accepted by society at large, and the person that we truly are.

The theory distinguishes the two “selves” because their claim is that true happiness can only be achieved by staying faithful to knowing and trusting in who we really are, rather than the fake persona we fashion for ourselves each and every day, reinforced and strengthened by society every time we act or behave in a manner which is not truly ourselves.

Similarly, we have a government which is a “fashioned” government – one that is structured as a “real government” and on the books and represented in our laws and administered by our 3 branches of government – the legislative, judicial, and executive branches.

If these 3 branches of government actually worked and functioned as they were meant to, the current problems we are facing as a nation should have absolutely no chance to grow and fester as they do now – they should in fact be curtailed and clipped by the checks and balances of the 3 branches of government, the separation of powers doctrine, and the self-correcting mechanisms that the Founding Fathers put in place to ensure that we do not slip back into the tyrannical monarchial bankster controlled powers that they fought against to liberate themselves and their country from the yokes of England and the European banking cartels.

The problem is, the European based bankers refused to let go – instead they slowly, over time, corrupted our leadership in all 3 branches of government with pure, unadulterated, unfiltered money power, blackmail, extortion, and coercion.

Sometimes this was accomplished through outright cash payments and gifts through straight up bribery, but more often, especially with the advent of the severe criminalization of wanton and blatant acts of bribery/graft, instead this banking influence and corruption of our leaders occurred through a much more sinister and invisible spiderweb of banking and corporate corruption – so that now our leaders could be bribed through speaking tours, governmental appointments, lucrative financial deals both during and after they left office, cushy office jobs, television shows, sweetheart real estate deals, sexual bribery, pre-ordained successful book deals, university appointments, NGO chief jobs, interest free or low-interest loans, and other modes and methodologies of encouraging our elected and appointed leaders to sell the American people out for the highest buck, leaving all of us to suffer in squalor, not being able to get justice, prevail in the courts, get specific legislation passed, burying all of us deeper and deeper into debt, obscurity, powerlessness, loss of our freedoms and self-determination, and oblivion.

It is very easy to detect our “real government” from our “fashioned, fake government.”

All one needs to do is read the newspaper and online headlines – an analysis and comparison of the “news” passed off from the mainstream media versus the “real news” emanating from the alternative media found mainly on the internet is an excellent source of determining what is real, and what is not.

For example while Presidential Candidate Ted Cruz wanders all across America braying on news outlets such as CNN, FoxNews, MSNBC, and in print journals such as the New York Times, Washington Post, and other periodicals about “shrinking government,” “limiting government,” “getting rid of corruption,” “conservative values,” “fighting the Fed,” it would help to note that the alternative media first reported and noted that Ted Cruz accepted a $1,000,000 interest free loan from Goldman Sachs, and then neglected to report it.

What does this example show?

It shows that no matter how much Ted Cruz yammers on and on about conservative or liberal values, he is in fact bought, paid for, owned, beholden, and controlled by international investment banking firm Goldman Sachs, and the leadership and actions of Goldman Sachs all around the world have been anything but, conservative American Christian values. There are thousands more examples such as this with other elected and appointed leaders in America.

Follow the money, and you will find our “fashioned government.”

Our “real government” may be the structure and litmus test our leaders use to hide their tracks, and obfuscate their shady dealings, but our “fashioned government” is the arena in which they actually operate.

And the “ethics rules” which are invariably passed and enacted in almost every sphere of work and industry, are invariably placed out there in order to better hide our leaders unethical behavior and actions, by creating millions of ethically sanctioned loopholes which, if there were no ethics rules, would never pass the “smell test” of the people that they govern – and would invariably lead the vast majority of our leaders to jail, and certainly out of elected or appointed office.

The “ethics rules” and “real government” therefore add cover and structured protection for our leaders to engage in full-time unethical behavior and governmental administration “of the banks, by the banks, and for the banks.”

Americans should once again return to the “smell test” of our Founding Fathers in the ranking and evaluation of our leaders – if it “looks like a duck, walks like a duck, acts like a duck,” then it’s a goddamned duck.

A chart should be created to show the de jure and de facto actions and results of a leader – if it can be shown that during that leaders tenure certain things got worse, in whatever capacity, then that leader should be held accountable for it – regardless of whether or not their actions were “legal,” “ethical,” or in line and consistent with the roles and structures of our “real government.”

In other words, the “devil is in the details,” and the true corruption and betrayal by our leaders occurs within the cracks and invisible crevices of our “real governmental” structures and ethics rules architecture, not in overt acts or omissions which are on their face illegal or unethical.


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