11 Signs We Are Returning to A Global Feudalist Society

11 Signs We Are Returning to A Global Feudalist Society

(1) arbitrary arrests and incarcerations without regards to individual human rights, civil liberties and constitutional protections brought on by Bill Clinton and Joe Biden’s VCCLEA and VAWA Laws;


(2) the ability of the international banking cartels to plunder the global population’s personal bank accounts and savings through the repeal of Glass-Steagall Act by Bill Clinton;


(3) The increasing militarization of the police;


(4) the re-institution of debtors prisons by the jailing of poor people who can not afford to pay filing fees or child support by out of control state and family courts;


(5) the arbitrary power to remove children from families by out of control corrupted child protective services;


(6) the privatization of prisons making it profitable to arrest and incarcerate people even if they are innocent;


(7) the refusal of the 3 separate branches of government to watch each other, intervene during times of over-reach, and all working for and loyal to the same international banking powers;


(8) the refusal of appellate or federal courts to review or investigate state court corruption, police corruption, judicial corruption, or unconstitutionality under the doctrine of the case Younger v Harris;


(9) the refusal of government to punish or jail individual bankers or their employers for committing fraud or fleecing taxpayers to line their own pockets;


(10) the complete and total control of Mainstream Media by a few members of the corporate elite; and


(11) the refusal of central bankers to inject capital into the markets for business loans, liquidity, and building infrastructure, while removing and hoarding capital from the economy.

Landlord and Tenant


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